Niederfinow Ship Lift is safe due to extremely precise components

INTEMAC experts participated for two years on the development, manufacture and installation of the ship lift´s emergency system, for which the (engineering) allowances were almost zero.

INTEMAC hosts both regular and one-off events

Tyco Electronics organizes up to 3 seminars per month at the INTEMAC Research Centre. IPA Slovakia held its Innovation Day at the Centre, too.


INTEMAC establishes cooperation with Sobriety

Since January 2017, Sobriety has become the first company to use the INTEMAC Research Centre on a long-term basis. The focus of the company is wide. From space technologies to aerodynamics of Škoda cars.

DIGIMAT programme launched

 Do you belong to a group of small or medium-sized companies and want to gain new competitive advantages through digitalization? Then DIGIMAT programme is right for you!

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