INTEMAC hosts both regular and one-off events

Tyco Electronics organizes up to 3 seminars per month at the INTEMAC Research Centre. IPA Slovakia held its Innovation Day at the Centre, too.


Like the INTEMAC Research Centre, Tyco Electronics is also based in the industrial zone to the north of Brno. Due to a lack of space and the close proximity (approx. 1 km) of the Centre, Tyco Electronics organizes 2-3 seminars a month on our premises. The seminars cover project management, OSH, as well as other topics, and are attended by differing numbers of participants. Our fully equipped meeting rooms regularly host 10-35 people.

 Before each seminar, INTEMAC employees prepare a meeting room of the appropriate size and check the equipment. The employees of Tyco Electronics are responsible for organizing the seminars themselves. INTEMAC provides receptionist services to make sure courses - or any other events - run smoothly and supplies refreshments throughout.

The procedure for organizing one-off events is similar. For example, INTEMAC premises were recently used by IPA Slovakia for its Innovation Day. The event consisted of four professional lectures and was attended by 40 people from the fields of innovation, development and pre-production. The event started in the attractive surroundings of the large hall, the so-called Heavy Lab, and subsequently moved into break-out rooms. INTEMAC provided the sound and projection equipment for the entire event.

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