Niederfinow Ship Lift is safe due to extremely precise components

INTEMAC experts participated for two years on the development, manufacture and installation of the ship lift´s emergency system, for which the (engineering) allowances were almost zero.

The ship lift is located in Germany, between the river basins of the Odra and Elbe. It was constructed in the 1930s, is 37 metres high, and weighs - with ship and water - approximately 10,000 tonnes.

Vítkovice Heavy Machinery (VHM) was awarded a contract worth CZK 300 million to manufacture threaded segments for the lift´s emergency system. The emergency system ensures that the lift descends into the starting position if any part of the ship lift breaks down. Each component of such a security system must therefore be extremely precise and durable.

INTEMAC, on behalf of VHM, performed diagnostics, set up the production machine and developed a completely new component tracking methodology using a 3D mobile measuring device – a laser tracker. This methodology was subsequently validated and certified by TÜV NORD (Technical Inspection Association).

Over a period of two years, INTEMAC experts from Kuřim conducted checks on 80 threaded segments and 8 completed rows with a total length of 40 m. They also helped to establish the security system on the site of one of VHM’s customers, namely SIEMAG TECBERG.

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