Expert services

Experts on INTEMAC research and development teams address the practical problems of users and manufacturers of production technologies. They perform the necessary analyses and measurements, identify the weaknesses of machinery or processes, and prepare solutions. If necessary, they also help engineering firms with the introduction of new technologies.

INTEMAC expert services can be divided into 4 main areas:

Machining technologies Precision of machine tools Construction and optimization of machine loadbearing structures Dynamic properties of machines and equipment

Analysis of the cutting force of the tool / workpiece

Measurement of mechanical vibration and prediction of stable machining

Analysis of geometry and wear of the cutting tool and the quality of machined surface

Analysis of high-speed phenomena and temperature in machining

Testing the precision of machine tools 

Advanced (volumetric) compensation

Measurement of the precision of large workpieces

Preliminary design of the individual components of the loadbearing structure

Static stiffness and assessment of permissible limits

Dynamic properties

Optimization and realization

Measurement of mechanical vibration and noise in the time and frequency domain

Modal analysis and operational modal analysis

Operating forms of oscillations 

Dynamic compliance of machines and equipment


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