Production Cell 4.0

A basic smart manufacturing unit ready for integration into digitized factories. Applicable in small and medium-sized companies as well as large factories.

The INTEMAC laboratories are home to our smart manufacturing unit, Production Cell 4.0. The unit has been prepared in order to demonstrate the basic principles of smart manufacturing and to verify partial solutions based on digital technologies (Industry 4.0 concept).

The cell operates as a functional production unit linking machine tool, robot and measuring station. The uniform system solves proprietary communication with each device and communicates openly to the outside. Thanks to the modular architecture, the devices can be easily changed. A cell with a uniform system demonstrates the benefits of automation combined with the needs of small-scale production. One of the key requirements is the need to change production tasks several times a day. That's why INTEMAC, together with its partners, works on tools to enable cell reconfiguration provided by regular users.

The so-called adaptive manufacturing process remains the basis of the production cell. The measuring station checks the quality of each workpiece after completing machining and stores the results. When a deviation is detected, the workpiece, including the necessary corrections, is sent back to the machine tool. In addition, the machine tool works much more precisely when making further pieces. This greatly reduces the need to interfere with machine settings during the manufacturing process.

We have recently implemented an indoor positioning system for tracking the movement of people and material in a cell and its surroundings, cloud computing platform and augmented reality (AR). The cell is thus ready to communicate with other cells and manufacturing software thanks to a superior control system that allows smart control and planning of production throughout the factory.

Machine learning, which is part of the cloud platform, is used to increase the efficiency of the production process and timely prediction of deviations and disorders. This allows automated operation and prevention of possible damage. In addition, operator using augmented reality immediately sees the current workload and the productivity of individual devices, scheduling, error messages and other information about the facilities.

You can also connect your equipment.

Prepared with partners: TAJMAC-ZPSB+R automatizaceRenishawComauSewioSMCUnicorn

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