Our research and development teams have extensive experience in seeking solutions to specific problems in the fields of machining technologies, machine diagnostics and the construction of new machinery. They meet with industrial companies at the Centre, which is how INTEMAC promotes cooperation between the commercial sector and science.

The INTEMAC Research Centre leases out its premises. In addition to meeting rooms and offices, it is also possible to lease laboratories and equipment on which you can test your own devices.

The Centre forms the ideal background for the organization of seminars and other events. You can organize your own event on the premises subject to availability. Technology companies often use the opportunity to link training with the viewing of modern equipment. Meeting rooms are available with capacities of up to:

  • 35 people
  • 14 people
  • 6 people

The rooms are fully equipped with the latest office and presentation equipment. In addition, receptionist services and snacks can be provided to ensure the smooth running of any course or event.


Modern instrumentation at the INTEMAC Research Centre

Testing and measurement in the field of geometry Machining technologies - optimization of the cutting process Hydrostatics

Digital differential spirit levels and accessories

Geometric measuring systems for measuring the accuracy of machine tools

Laser interferometer and accessories

Diagnostic equipment for determining the causes of inaccuracies in machine tools

Laser Tracker - system for measuring the accuracy of work spaces, machine geometry and loadbearing structures

Apparatus for measuring spindle accuracy

Set of non-contact displacement sensors

Dynamometer for measuring cutting force and torque

System for measuring and optimizing cutting stability during machining

High-speed camera

3D optical device for measuring surface shape and roughness

Aggregate for testing the drive units of hydrostatic systems

Measuring and recording equipment, including a set of measuring sensors


Testing and measurement in the field of statics Testing and measurement in the field of dynamics Testing and measurement in the field of heat
Static testing device –  dynamometer and a set of sensors System for measuring vibrations and structural dynamics

Universal multi-functional data centre, accessories and a set of heat sensors

Thermal imaging camera


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