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We inspire and help in developing modern technologies and putting them into production

INTEMAC is a modern research and innovation centre. We specialise in advanced manufacturing technologies and digitalising production using elements of the Industry 4.0 concept. Our services are based on specialisation and high-level expertise in the construction, control and diagnostics of mechanical engineering technology. The professional, comprehensive services of the INTEMAC Centre are intended for:

  • manufacturers of mechanical engineering technology  
  • technology companies
  • manufacturing companies

We digitalise manufacturing companies

How we designed a manufacturing integration platform for SpoluWorks Perfecta as part of the DIGIMAT programme


We develop autonomous production units

How we have been developing an autonomous Production Cell 4.0 for TAJMAC‑ZPS at the INTEMAC Centre


We enhance the useful properties of manufacturing machines

We developed concrete encased steel frames for TOS KUŘIM to increase the performance of machining centres


Forms of co-operation


Get inspired in the test and demonstration workplace of the INTEMAC Centre. Try integrating elements of the Industry 4.0 concept into production.

DIGIMAT programme

Discover new technologies and opportunities for innovation in your manufacturing company. By participating in the DIGIMAT programme, you will strengthen the production potential of your company.

Participation in projects

Thanks to our expertise within the field of automation and digitalization our centre is also involved in R&D projects. These projects are conducted on national and also on the international level.

Lease of space

Are you looking for a venue to hold a seminar or a presentation of technological solutions? At the INTEMAC Centre you will find offices, meeting rooms as well as laboratories.

Get ahead with innovation! We will help you effectively manage the technological growth of your company. With us you will get a partner and mentor who will help you strengthen your position in the market.

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