We enhance the useful properties of manufacturing machines

The demands placed on the quality of industrial products are constantly increasing. Customers require from manufacturing companies the precise fulfilment of often specific requirements and fast product delivery. As these requirements intensify, so do the demands placed on the efficiency of manufacturers and the quality of their production facilities. At the INTEMAC Centre, we focus on optimising and enhancing the useful properties of manufacturing machines, so that they can deliver the required maximum performance and so that production is efficiently set up.

How we enhance the useful properties of manufacturing machines at the INTEMAC Centre


Higher useful properties of machines and technologies are nowadays a precondition for increasing your competitiveness. These useful properties include accuracy, quality, production performance, reliability, economy, and reduced negative environmental impacts. At the INTEMAC Centre, we look to increase the above-mentioned useful properties of manufacturing machines in two ways. The first is connected with developing and constructing the manufacturing machine itself. For TOS KUŘIM, we developed a concrete encased steel supporting structure for the machining centre, and thus increased its performance. The second is to increase the useful properties of an already existing machine in its real-life working environment. At the INTEMAC Centre, we cover the entire process – from virtual design, to identifying weak points in a real prototype or machine.

We accept challenges from manufacturing companies in the form of broad-ranging and complicated projects. This frequently means finding a solution to production problems for which the standard procedures generally used to increase the useful properties of manufacturing machines are no longer sufficient. If we encounter the limits of a device when solving such tasks, we are able to create our own application that will help us calculate everything. In this way, we solved, for example, how to measure a circular bed for a carousel table. When measuring highly specific workpieces or machine tools, we also use a combination of measuring devices and special data processing methods to refine the measurement results.

We enhance the useful properties of your manufacturing machines

When enhancing useful properties (such as accuracy, quality, production performance, reliability, economy and reduced negative environmental impacts), at the INTEMAC Centre we focus mainly on the following areas:

  • analysis of cutting tools and setting optimal machining conditions
  • working accuracy and machine compensation thanks to data modification in the machine control system 
  • vibration analysis of components and machines in production processes
  • optimised design and testing the static and dynamic stiffness of manufacturing machines

Top-quality measuring instruments and software

When working to increase the useful properties of production equipment, we use top-quality measuring instruments and software for non-standard measuring procedures, and for static and dynamic computer simulations. For example, we have the following technological equipment available:

  • Brüel & Kjaer PULSE LAN-XI 3160-A-042 measuring system for vibration analysis,
  • Kistler 9124B1111 rotary dynamometer,
  • Alicona optical scanning microscope,
  • Autodesk Inventor Nastran system,
  • and a number of other pieces of state-of-the-art equipment.

Experts at the INTEMAC Centre always develop new measurement procedures in forms acceptable for transnational certification authorities. The results of our measurements can thus be used by manufacturers when delivering their products abroad. We always take great effort to ensure that measurement procedures and their outputs fully meet the requirements of our customers.

What will enhancing the useful properties of your manufacturing machines bring you?


More powerful production equipment will help you win more contracts

We will help to adapt machines that are seemingly unsuitable for application in low tolerance production so that they achieve the required parameters. Manufacturing companies can thus accept production orders which they would never have dared take on before.


Machining with greater accuracy

We increase the accuracy and stability of manufacturing machines. We help manufacturers increase the quality of their products with a view to minimising any additional costs. Users of production equipment thus maintain their competitiveness, and may even gain a new competitive advantage.


From virtual design to identifying weak points of real‑life machines

Thanks to computer simulation, we can propose multiple variants of these machines to machine manufacturers right at the initial design phase. For the phase of real-life machines, we quickly diagnose possible faults using precise measuring devices.

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