DIGIMAT programme

DIGIMAT is a consulting programme designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies based or established in the Czech Republic. By participating in the programme, you will gain the latest knowledge in the field of manufacturing and digital technology. At the same time, you will gain experience from specialists or companies who are more advanced at implementing digitization.

This consulting programme is one of the activities of the DIH DIGIMAT platform, which is devoted to developing and implementing digital technologies in manufacturing companies.

The DIH DIGIMAT platform comprises: Brno University of Technology, INTEMAC, INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0 and JIC.

There is so much information about digitization and automation methods that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Owners of manufacturing companies are virtually flooded with invitations to various conferences, seminars and workshops.

The DIGIMAT programme will become your new partner to guide you through this digital jungle and help you set priorities. Our specialists’ impartial expertise, experience and new perspectives will help you set a course and give you the courage to develop your company further.

How does the DIGIMAT programme work?

We always work with you individually on your specific project. Your company can join the DIGIMAT programme repeatedly. Individual projects will be broken down into the following steps:


The initial analysis of the company

The initial analysis reveals opportunities to improve your manufacturing and provides valuable information on how your company is performing in individual areas of manufacturing in terms of digitization compared to other comparable companies (benchmarking).

From the feedback of programme participants, it is clear that even this anonymous comparison is regarded as offering valuable information.


The proposed solution

Then follows a solution proposal compiled by experts. The emphasis is primarily on helping in areas with the greatest potential impact on the growth of your company (help with prioritization). The proposal may also include case studies from which valuable information and experience of companies that have undergone similar changes can be drawn.


The recommendation of the implementation procedure

After presentation and approval of the proposed solution follows a recommendation for the implementation procedure. This is a set of specific recommendations leading to the successful implementation of the proposed solutions, including the recommending of proven suppliers from among the technology partners of the DIGIMAT programme.


The recommendation of possible sources of funding

There are many possible sources of financing for investment projects. It can be difficult to know what they offer and what their rules are. Our specialists will advise you on what current calls in the Czech Republic are suitable for your project. Alternatively, we will help link you up to international research and innovation projects, most often under the EUREKA and Horizon 2020 programmes.

The DIGIMAT programme cooperates with specialists and technology companies in the role of programme partners to achieve maximum expertise during each of the above project steps. Thanks to this connection, your company will get all the necessary information and contacts. And by implementing the recommended solution, you will achieve new competitive advantages and increase your manufacturing efficiency.

DIGIMAT programme price list

The DIGIMAT programme is financed by the South Moravian Region. Hence, participation in it is financially advantageous for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies from the South Moravian Region. Of course, companies based in other regions can also join the programme, but this financial support will not apply to them.


  Price/hour without VAT​ Aid intensity​ Final price/hour without VAT​
Your 1st project – up to 40 hours of consultations   1 500 CZK 80 % 300 CZK 
Your 2nd project – up to 80 hours of consultations 1 500 CZK 50 % 750 CZK
Your 3rd project and more – up to 80 hours of consultationsí 1 500 CZK 20 % 1 200 CZK


What is the DIGIMAT programme?

DIGIMAT is a programme designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies based or established in the Czech Republic. By consulting with a selected expert on the Industry 4.0 concept, you receive a new and independent perspective on your manufacturing, and specific recommendations leading to its greater efficiency.

Who can sign up for the DIGIMAT programme?

Any firm, business company or cooperative (not a natural person) based or established in the Czech Republic. According to the definition of the European Commission, it must fall within the group of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the value of participation in the programme (up to CZK 120,000) must not exceed the amount of aid that can be drawn in the de minimis regime. Furthermore, the company must not be in debt to the state administration, city of Brno, South Moravian Region, JIC, or INTEMAC, and must be insolvent.

Only a company that creates a product or service that is in line with the defined priority sectors of the RIS JMK (see the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian Region 2014–2020, pp. 15–17; www.risjmk.cz/cz/kestazeni), or a company whose given product/service is a part of that company’s value chain which is in line with a priority sector of RIS JMK, can be eligible for entry into the DIGIMAT programme.

The priority sectors of the RIS JMK (see link above) are: Advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies, Precision instruments, Software and hardware development, Drugs, medical care and diagnostics, Technology for the aerospace industry.

How can I benefit from the DIGIMAT programme?

There is so much information about digitization and the principles of the Industry 4.0 concept that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Company owners, manufacturing directors and technologists are inundated with invitations to various more or less relevant and high-quality conferences and seminars.

Thanks to the DIGIMAT programme, you get a new ‘partner’ in the person of an experienced expert. You will receive a new and unbiased view of your manufacturing and its management. With the expertise and experience of independent experts in the field, you can reorient your future and find the courage to develop your company.

How does the DIGIMAT programme work?

The company first attends an introductory meeting in which we analyse opportunities to find out where your reserves lie and where to focus attention.

Then follows the work of an external expert; he/she communicates with a selected representative of the company, analyses the manufacturing processes in detail, and develops a proposal for a solution to improve them. The output for the company is a proposal for a specific solution and recommendations for possible suppliers to implement it (in the form of a catalogue of proven technology companies). The proposal may also include recommendations for suitable grant calls that could be used to finance the solution.

How time‑consuming is participation in the DIGIMAT programme?

The time required depends on the possibilities and capacities of the company. INTEMAC experts need contact and cooperation with a selected representative of the company to develop a quality analysis of the company’s situation before formulating relevant recommendations. However, the frequency and length of individual meetings are matters of preference to be determined by the company. Also, meetings generally take place on the company’s premises, so you will not waste time travelling, etc.

Can I participate in the DIGIMAT programme repeatedly?

Yes, the company can join the programme more than once, whenever required. 

How can implementation of the recommendations be financed?

The DIGIMAT programme also includes recommendations for suitable and current grant calls which can be used to finance the solution. Alternatively, it is possible to use the capacities of experts on grant financing from the ranks of specialists of the South Moravian Innovation Centre, of which INTEMAC is a subsidiary.

Will the recommendations of the solution be technologically independent?

Yes. Recommendations will take the form of a catalogue with contacts to proven suppliers of individual technologies. So it will be entirely up to you which technology and supplier you choose.

DIH DIGIMAT is the first functional Digital Innovation Hub in the Czech Republic. More information about this platform you can find here.