Our competences

Research and consulting services of the INTEMAC Centre are based on the high-level expertise of our employees and specialists. We primarily focus on the construction, control and diagnostics of mechanical engineering technology. Read more about our competences and experience, and find out how co-operation with the INTEMAC Centre can help you.

Industry 4.0

We will help make you proficient the principles of the Industry 4.0 concept and the opportunities it brings to manufacturing companies. We provide extensive know-how, technology development, professional consulting and practicable assistance in implementing advanced technologies in production.

CNC machining technology – analysis and optimisation

We help manufacturers optimise the settings of their key manufacturing technologies. At the INTEMAC Centre, we will help identify opportunities for changes that will contribute to streamlining and optimising your production.

Diagnostics of the static and dynamic properties of manufacturing machines

If you want to get the most out of your machines, you need to pay careful attention to their static and dynamic properties. The basic and most reliable way is diagnostics in the form of physical testing.

Measurement of noise and vibration during the construction and operation of machines

Vibrodiagnostics provides you with a quick and timely identification of machine failures and their causes. Get an overview thanks to online monitoring of the manufacturing process and protect your production against unplanned downtime.

Automation in production

At the INTEMAC Centre, we help implement automation in manufacturing companies according to the latest trends in the Industry 4.0 concept. We even develop new solutions together with technology companies. Thanks to automation, you get the flexibility to respond to changes in customer demand.

Static and dynamic computer simulations

We have a professional team, extensive experience, and cutting-edge technology and software available. Respond flexibly to demand and maximise the useful properties of your manufacturing machines. In addition to calculations, we will also create complete manufacturing documentation for you.

Measurement methodologies and Laser Tracker 3D measurements

Highly accurate 3D measurements bring you the relevant data. At the INTEMAC Centre, we propose methodologies for comprehensive measurements to achieve the highest possible accuracy. We use the cutting-edge Laser Tracker technology, which enables measurement of even the largest workpieces.

Working accuracy and compensation of machine tools

At the INTEMAC Centre, we help machine tool users get the most out of their manufacturing machines and equipment. We identify the problem and – thanks to many years of experience in developing and optimising manufacturing technology – we eliminate it.