Our story

We inspire and support manufacturing companies with introducing modern technologies associated with the Industry 4.0 concept. We co-operate with technology companies in developing and implementing their solutions. Since 2014, we have helped dozens of manufacturing and technology companies from all over the Czech Republic in this way.

Mission and goals of the INTEMAC Centre


The South Moravian Region has a rich industrial tradition. Operating here you will find many important technology and industrial companies, top university departments and a diverse range of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. All these entities combine to form a broad research and innovation base. At the INTEMAC Centre we are aware of this historically given potential, and we are building on it with our activities. We represent an important node for development and digital innovation, one that nurtures the evolution of maturing partnerships. We are constantly developing this collaborative platform.

The mission of the INTEMAC Centre is to strengthen the competitive position of Czech manufacturing companies, suppliers of manufacturing technology, and technology companies. Our help contributes to developing the competitiveness of these companies, and towards maintaining and creating skilled jobs.

At the INTEMAC Centre, we keep a sharp eye on the latest trends in engineering, and production more generally. These trends are primarily concerned with the digitalisation of production and the Industry 4.0 concept. We analyse these trends and help implement them in manufacturing companies through understandable solutions and partial, gradual steps.

This well-thought-out and systematic approach is embodied by the DIGIMAT consulting programme, built upon the practical expertise of manufacturing technology specialists. We are convinced that effective, sustainable growth can be maintained thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, which is inseparably linked to automation, digitalisation and robotics.

The INTEMAC Research and Innovation Centre (formerly the Kuřim Competence Centre) is operated by Intemac Solutions s.r.o. The centre was established by the South Moravian Region through the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) in 2013.



Establishment of Intemac Solutions, s.r.o.



Opening of the INTEMAC Competence Centre in Kuřim



Launch of 3 research projects funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


The INTEMAC Centre becomes a meeting place for representatives of engineering companies, representatives of the South Moravian Region, and a supplier of R&D services (projects of concrete encased steel frames for machine tools and the Niederfinow boat lift)



Developing the concept of the Production Cell 4.0 test and demonstration workplace



Construction and official launch of the Production Cell 4.0 test and demonstration workplace



Launching the DIGIMAT consulting programme



Launch of the Production Cell 4.0 project for TAJMAC-ZPS



First year of the DIGIMAT programme: 8 realised consulting cases



The DIGIMAT consulting programme: more than 15 realised consulting cases



Construction starts on new premises for the extended infrastructure of the INTEMAC Centre