Digital Twins for Production Industry

This seminar will introduce you to one of the advanced technologies that has been much talked about in recent years. It is a digital twin and virtual commissioning. Get an overview of these technologies that enable real-time simulation, monitoring and optimization. Discuss with experts from the Czech Republic and Austria.

Date of the event

Friday 3rd November 2023
10.00 - 12.00 AM


On-line (Zoom platform)
in english only


Register by 27.10.2023



leaders of AI5production and EDIH- DIGIMAT projects

The entire event is online via the Zoom platform. Thanks to it, you can use individual consultation meetings in separate meeting rooms.


00: Welcoming participants

Opening word: EDIH-DIGIMAT + AI5Production

01: Digital Twin – State of the Art, categorisation and limits

Speaker: Petr Janus, INTEMAC

What are the variations of the term digital twin for industrial use? What are their advantages and disadvantages and what are they suitable for? What are the SW tools for digital twin creation and virtual commissioning? You can find out how does the research institution INTEMAC apply the topic in the concept of Production Cells for small batch automation.

02: Digital Twin Engineering: From Engineering Models to Digital Twin Systems​

Speaker: Manuel Wimmer, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Digital Twins are emerging in many different domains such as smart production, smart energy, smart cities, etc. Developing and maintaining Digital Twins is a challenging endeavour as they are complex and potentially long-living software systems involving various technologies. In my talk I will give an overview on current research directions and emerging software platforms which aim to alleviate the burden of developing and maintaining Digital Twins systems.​


03: Robotic cell upgrade within 14 days using digital twin

Speaker: Vít PřichystalAXIOM TECH, s.r.o.

Long delivery of HW components? Long commissioning of your product? Short downtime to repair your equipment? Use the example of upgrading a robotic cell to see how useful digital twin technology can be. The second stage could be virtual commissioning to reduce shopfloor commissioning time.​

04: Robotic cell upgrade within 14 days using digital twin

Speaker: Leonard Muigg, Siemens AG Austria​

Digital twins—digital representations of real-world entities such as sensors, devices, machines, systems, and even people—have evolved from a niche concept to an integral part of the industrial landscape. The term “digital twin” gets thrown around casually, but it’s important to recognize the distinction between the different types of digital twins and understand the role of a digital thread. (Definition, Requirements and the Positioning in Example UseCases)​.



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