Quality control with AI

Mini-conference on quality control using artificial intelligence. You will see a live demonstration of a revolutionary inspection device capable of detecting defects on components up to 50 micrometers in size every 3 seconds. Discuss with the experts who program these devices and use the data to improve quality and reduce costs. Gain insight into the future of manufacturing in quality control. Find out what solution is right for your production, its effectiveness and payback.

Date of the event

Wednesday 11st October 2023
09:00 - 13:00




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Programme 9:00 - 12:00

How does optical inspection affect the quality of production processes and how does it enable cost reduction? The future of part quality control lies in non-human inspection. Are you ready for this change?

The rapid development of technologies in the field of optics and neural networks will bring changes especially for users of manufacturing processes such as machining, injection moulding, forming, coating or other surface treatments, where the production process results in a component manufactured with high precision and high demands on its flawless surface. We will briefly review the solution options using several typical examples and highlight the limitations and pitfalls.

  • 03: Easy and efficient use of neural networks for optical inspection across segments in case studies, Tomas Greš, Pekat Vision

Optical inspection using neural networks today solves previously impossible tasks. For many people, artificial intelligence is something elusive and complex, yet its use in machine vision systems is easier than before. Let's take a look at what can be done with AI and how easy it is to use it in everyday projects.

  • 04: Monitoring of production process parameters, its stability and link to quality and the potential of finding relationships in data using neural networks - Dr. Lubomír Sláma, Act-in

How to simply approach the monitoring of production process parameters and their linkage to product quality assessment? Identifying the causes of poor quality using neural networks and using this potential for improvement.

Demonstration part

You can look forward to a hi-tech demonstration of the AI-Inspector.one device, which will be demonstrated by Petr Koutný. AI-InspectorONE works with 6x magnification (macroscope) detecting defects from 50 um.

The live demonstration will be followed by:

Panel discussion

Challenge: bring your component with a defect or a picture of it and you will be able to use the speakers' expertise to discuss how to control it.


What will the event bring to you?

  • You will see demonstrations of the hi-tech AI-InspectorONE system - a 6x magnification (macroscope) that detects defects from 50 um upwards.
  • You will hear a discussion on the suitability or otherwise of different approaches to deploying optical inspection with neural networks, its effectiveness and the return on this investment.
  • You will learn what camera is appropriate for different product types and serialization vs. part accuracy requirements

The event is organized in cooperation with INTEMAC partners

What can quality control look like for you?

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