Visual inspection reliably with artificial intelligence

Wondering how to streamline quality control? Are you struggling with a lack of qualified inspectors and their error rate? Do you deal with complaints about your products more often than you would like? Learn how an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can replace up to 20 workers can help you with visual quality control of product surfaces in this expert seminar.

Date of the event

Thursday 9. 2. 2023
10:00 - 15:30


Research and innovation centre INTEMAC, Kuřim


Register by 6.2.2023

What will the event bring you? You will: 

  • gain an insight into the frontier technical capabilities of high-end optics in fault detection with AI systems
  • get an idea of what parameters of your product can be checked
  • an example of a real AI system in action
  • see how you can reduce your quality costs by using AI
  • learn how to use the data from inspections and the MES system to optimise production
  • find out how INTEMAC can support your AI implementation (reducing the cost of system implementation)

Who is the event for? 

  • CEO, production or engineering managers, technical directors, quality and lean managers, process managers, change project managers

The event is organized in cooperation with INTEMAC testbed partners - INspectorAI services and Optisolutions.



Morning session:

  1. Powerful AI system for reliable inspection and micro defect detection

  2. Optics to detect and measure deviations and defects in AI system

Afternoon session:

  1. AI inspection data and MES system data in production control and optimization

  2. INTEMAC support options - testing, financing your project

Lunch and light refreshments included!

The event will be led by


Petr Koutný

CEO / INspectorAI services s.r.o.

How can quality control look like?

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