Webinar: 3D printing - from prototyping to production

Today, 3D printing is no longer just for prototyping. We can observe how its competencies move from this area to the production itself. So where and how to use additive technology? And will it pay off for small and medium-sized businesses? We will discuss this in the webinar.

Date of the event

Wednesday 13. října 2021




Register by 13.10.2021

3D printing helps you avoid costly mistakes and offers freedom of form. In the webinar we will discuss the basic features and types of 3D printing and we will build on this anchoring and presentation of technology with practical examples. We will proceed from large corporations such as ŠKODA AUTO to SME companies, as this technology is becoming more accessible for smaller companies.

What we will discuss at the webinar

  • how to make 3D printing in series production
  • current trends in additive technologies
  • printing of refractory or highly thermally and electrically conductive materials
  • get inspired: industrial management of plastic 3D printing in ŠKODA AUTO production and logistics
  • how does additive production work in ŠKODA AUTO - how can more than sixty 3D printers be decentrally managed?
  • examples of the use of 3D printing in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies
  • how can enthusiasts and supporters overcome a number of obstacles and promote 3D printing in production?

Webinar registration is free.

Who is the webinar for?

  • engineering and manufacturing companies that are interested in implementing new solutions and gaining new competitive advantages
  • manufacturing companies that deal with production optimization
  • engineering and manufacturing companies that plan to digitize production
  • management and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

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