Workshop: How Lean management helps optimize process

Lean represents a specific approach to business management, focuses on increasing the efficiency of the use of production facilities and on flexible responding to customer requirements.

How can you optimize production processes according to Lean and get the most out of your machines? We offer practical training in which you get an overview of Lean tools, which will help you optimize your organizational processes in production.

Date of the event

17. - 18. 2. 2022


Tatra Trucks a.s., Kopřivnice


Register by 14.2.2022

We will show you how not to waste process tasks that do not directly add value to your product. And we will also focus on efficient settings not only your production process,  but also logistics, supply or purchase of materials.

Workshop will take place in our partner production company, so you can be inspired and see everything in practice.

This event has already taken place.