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Automatizovaná optická kontrola kvality s umělou inteligencí

The InspectorONE is a self-learning machine for the visual inspection of components and products of all kinds. 
Equipped with cameras and Deep Learning software, the system quickly and automatically inspects components and products. 

Increase inspection process efficiency
1. Scan and recognize components
2. Checking features
3. Detect anomalies
4: Matching anomalies to previous parts
5. Determination of rejection criteria/boundary conditions
6. Using the detected data to optimize upstream processes

Exceptional possibilities 
InspectorONE offers absolute process reliability in quality control. 
Limit conditions for rejects can be individually defined. 
Separate between scrap or rework.            

- flexible: For a wide variety of components and materials
- efficient: Different components can be tested simultaneously
- fast: Lowest cycle times
- thorough: Almost error-free scalable inspection criteria
- Plug & Play: Easy integration into existing production chains
- fully automatic: Use of industrial robots and workpiece carrier systems
- intelligent: Use of self-learning feature recognition software
- open system: Easy connection to existing Smart Factory system possible